BEYOND reliefs

Reliefs are the outcome of a project in which I explored the possibilities of utilizing glass waste in the glass studio at Nuutajärvi. Glass recycling has big environmental impact. Compared to glass made from virgin raw materials, the use of recycled glass achieves savings in raw material costs and natural resources, energy saving is 20% and CO2 emissions are lower. As a material, glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in purity or quality.

The project was executed in collaboration with Glass School Nuutajärvi, Tavastia Vocational College at Nuutajärvi Glass Village.

Glass casting: Henri Carrara, Samuli Parkkinen, Anna Sihvo, Janika Karttunen, Paula Hjelt, Nikke, Elina Reinola, Marika Kinnunen, Sara Hulkkonen

The project was funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation.

BEYOND, 2022


Spirits (height: 140 mm, width: 140 mm, thickness: 30 mm)

 Genesis (height: 300 mm, width: 100 mm, thickness: 30 mm)

Patch (height: 150 mm, width: 100 mm, thickness: 30 mm)

Process Photos: Janika Karttunen
Studio Photos: DEED Creative

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