GARDEN - Exploring the possibilities of glass waste with the help of glass casting techniques

During the spring 2021 in my master’s thesis, I explored the possibilities of glass waste with the help of casting techniques. The topic was addressed from the perspective of sustainable development. In this work, I became acquainted with the raw materials used in glass manufacturing. Improved acquaintance with these materials helps to deepen our understanding of the value of recycled materials as a usable resource alongside virgin raw materials.

The thesis was carried out in co-operation with Fiskars Group, Iittala. Through material and casting technique tests performed at the Iittala Glass Factory, I explored the behavior of glass and how it affected the end result. I also explored the opportunities for new ideas and operating models that would enable the waste material generated as a side stream of production to be utilized at the Iittala Glass Factory.

Glass casting of clear glass artefacts by Slate Grove at Aalto University.

Glass casting of colored artefacts by Jorma Huovilainen with assistance of glass school students from Tavastia Vocational College at Iittala Glass Factory.

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GARDEN, 2021 

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Photos: Aleksi Tikkala

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