GARDEN - Exploring the Possibilities of Steel Molds in Glass Casting

During the spring 2021, as part of my master’s thesis in Contemporary Design at Aalto University, I was exploring the possibilities of steel molds in glass casting. The goal was to find a mold material that would withstand multiple repetitions when casting, as well as be readily available and inexpensive, and that would leave the glass surface as smooth as possible so that little, if any, cold working would be required. Since glass gets stuck into hot steel, couple of release coatings were tested to find a suitable one for the project.

The project includes artefacts made from clear glass at Aalto University. Through these pieces, I explored the interaction between the molds, technique, and material. Later some experiments were made at Iittala Glass Factory through which I explored different coloring techniques that could be applied in glass casting and achieved by re-using glass waste.

The work has been carried out in co-operation with Fiskars Group, Iittala.

Glass casting of clear glass artefacts by Slate Grove at Aalto University.

Glass casting of colored artefacts by Jorma Huovilainen with assistance of glass school students from Tavastia Vocational College at Iittala Glass Factory.

GARDEN, 2021 

Wall Reliefs: Rain | Gardener | Patch

Oasis - Water Bowl for Pollinators

Photos: Aleksi Tikkala

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