KFC - Kristineberg Fry Cone

Exploring and doing a research for one week in Kristineberg Marine Research Station, Sweden, served as a source of inspiration for exploring algae-based materials and also as a reminder about the importance of viewing human action from a non-human perspective.

Huge amount of litter including take away packaging ends up from our streets to the world’s oceans every day. Packaging materials might be recyclable but recycling them isn’t always possible. Is it possible that the minimum standards for durability of disposable packaging are also overstated considering their usage time and their purpose of use?

KFC is an outcome of the development of biomaterials and shows the potential of seaweed as a material. Edible or biodegradable prototypes made from algae serve as an ecological choice for a disposable packaging. KFC packaging is not an ultimate solution to the problem but opens up opportunities for further development of algae-based, edible packaging.

KFC, 2020 

Seaweed Cone & Dipping Cup

Edible Seaweed Bowl

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