KUUSI space divider

Kuusi is a convertible, flat-pack space divider which is made from corrugated cardboard. Because of the modular and sturdy structure the space divider can be assembled as large as wanted and in 90 degree angles. Beside the privacy feature the space divider absorbs sound due to its material and structure.

The space divider is part of Rehome, a project which was exhibited first time at Habitare Fair, Helsinki, Finland (2017) and later at Milan Furniture Fair (2018).
The project was executed in collaboration with Stora Enso.

Size of one standard module:
Height: 1010 mm, Width: 360 mm, Depth: 360 mm

KUUSI, 2016-2018

Video: Ella Hakkarainen & Katja Jaakkola
Photos: Antti Turunen


The main goal of the Rehome project has been to develop the rapid production of inexpensive furniture in high volume to meet the criteria of the primary needs in temporary housing. Sleeping, storage and privacy became the most important issues to be solved.

The furniture designed within Rehome can be used in various temporary housing needs from emergency arrangements to festivals or other major events. The ideas of the young designers were executed through the automation industry. The products are made from bio-based materials and the production process behind the products is in line with the principles of sustainable development.
Plywood and corrugated cardboard as furniture materials allow rapid production, building and recycling.

The furniture designed within Rehome can be manufactured automatically with the lowest cost possible. Corrugated cardboard and plywood are not ever-lasting furniture materials, but they can be used as sensible, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternatives in a sudden need.

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