PLAY glassware

Glass vase and bowls designed for Iittala’s Play collection do not take themselves too seriously or put themselves on a pedestal, but invite to play, experiment, and express the user’s creativity.

The gingerbread-shaped rims and the organic round details at the bottom of the objects create an overall shape that beautifully emphasizes glass as a material and reflect the light fascinatingly.

Glass objects are mouth-blown and hand-crafted at the Iittala glass factory in Finland.

Manufacturer: Iittala

PLAY, 2024

Vase (height: 180 mm, width: 99 mm, length: 99 mm)

Bowl (height: 90 mm, width: 99 mm, length: 99 mm)

Bowl (height: 50 mm, width: 125 mm, length: 201 mm)

Photos: Iittala

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