TWIN floor lamp

Twin is a floor lamp designed for public spaces and made from recycled PET plastic. On a larger scale, the work explores the possibilities of recycled material. The main material, the porous PET Felt, has an acoustic function of noise reduction in the design. Opaque glass around the light source gives smooth, gentle and diffused light, while the three-dimensional wave pattern of the PET component directs the light and the soundwaves. The double-sided PET felt mold, designed for this manufacturing process, allows the production of components in various sizes. The LED lights with a dimming feature allow customized illuminance depending on the desired mood, time and space. The lamp can be reassembled, which guarantees the longest possible life cycle for it.

The PET felt components were manufactured in collaboration with Volar Plastic Oy.

One of the 6 finalists of LUMINORD 2020 - Nordic Luminaire Design Competition.

Height: 1870 mm, Width: 1200 mm, Depth: 300 mm

TWIN, 2020 

Product Family Concept: Floor lamp | Pendant lamp | Wall lamp

Photos & video: DEED Creative

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